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This Lady Has An Under Bed Snack Drawer And I’m Not Sure If It’s Genius Or Gross

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I am just about the laziest person I know.

When I’m nice and comfy in bed and get a snack craving, the last thing I want to do is break out of my cocoon and head into the kitchen.

If I’m honest, I usually have my kids go get me something, because I just don’t want to move. Don’t judge.

But, this lady on TikTok has a snack drawer under her bed, and I’m not sure if she is a straight-up genius or if the crumbs are going to lead to creepy crawlies in her room.

In the video, she not only shows off her under bed snack drawer, we watch as she stocks it like a true obsessive compulsive organizer, and I love it.

Side Note: Does anyone else get stuck going down TikTok rabbit trails with organization videos? No? Just me?

In the video, @aleeaspam pulls out her under bed drawer and shows us how she restocks all her goodies to perfection.

This Under Bed Snack Drawer Is Either Completely Genius Or Really Gross

And, y’all, she mixes it up with the sweet and salty — a snack lover’s dream!

She packs everything from cookies, to brownies, to Rice Krispies treats, to protein bars, five different types of chips, and gobs of candy into her drawer.

Oh, it’s glorious. Each goody is individually wrapped, and she uses clear containers and little jars to complete the task.

You might be wondering about creepy critters. Doesn’t the snack drawer attract all the things we DON’T want in our bedrooms?

Well, since everything is wrapped, I don’t think it’s really an issue, but what do I know?!?

Just think about the potential for crumbs in her sheets, though. Oooh. No, Thank you.

But, I’m guessing, since she is so meticulously organized, she probably doesn’t drop food all over her bed linens.

I’m picturing a hand-held vacuum by the bed. LOL!!

I’m inspired. I think I’ll stick a sealed up snack bin under my bed. It’s the ultimate lazy person hack!

You can see @aleeaspam’s under bed organization snack drawer HERE.

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