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You Can’t Delete The New Threads App Without Also Deleting Your Instagram Account And I’m Shook

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Well, this isn’t good …

Facebook’s parent company Meta, just launched its own version of the Twitter app called Threads, and it’s gone crazy viral since it dropped on Wednesday night.


It had an insane 5 million downloads just in the first 4 hours after it went live.

According to NBCDFW, the Threads app is tied into your Instagram account. “Instagram users will be able to keep their user names and follow the same accounts on the new app, according to screenshots displayed on the App Store listing.”


However, as happens when anyone hops on a new craze, there are inevitably people who download the app just to see what it’s all about, and then decide it’s not for them.

The only problem is, in the itty bitty fine print of the Threads “Supplemental Privacy Policy,” you can’t actually delete the Threads app without also deleting your Instagram account.

Eek! What?!?

Does this seems weird to anybody else?

You can delete individual posts that you make, and you can “deactivate” your account at any time. But, that just means you stop engaging with the app. It doesn’t actually delete your account.

People are now taking to Twitter — the competitor — to vent their frustrations about the Threads app.

I can see why! I’m a bit frustrated over here, too.

So, I guess the moral of the story is, if you haven’t yet downloaded the Threads app, you just might want to carefully think twice about doing so.

It seems they lock you in nice and tight, and don’t let you out.

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