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You Can Get Solar Powered Sunflower Lights And I Need Them Now

Ahhh, each time I think I know what I want… I find something else!

So I’m thinking I will get the solar-powered paw print lights for the backyard and something completely different from the front walkway.


These solar-powered sunflower lights are perfect! When I saw these I knew I had to have them and I’ve already placed my order!


I love that they look so nice during the day too. These will look great along the front walkway to our home.


My wife loves sunflowers so I got these for her for Christmas. She loves them and wants more.

Richard – Amazon review

Adding a bright pop of color during the day and a nice pretty light at night. They’re made of tame fabric, which gives them the appearance of a real sunflower.


You can purchase them in a pack of 2. They feature a wide solar panel which converts sunlight into power faster, and is more efficient in cloudy weather.


I also like that they have rugged stainless steel stakes instead of plastic like a lot of solar lights have.

You can order the Solar Powered Sunflower Pathway Lights from Amazon! I can’t wait to get mine!


And of course, if you are looking for more adorable solar powered lights, check out more below!

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