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The ’80s Are Back With The Return Of The Banana Clip And I Am So Excited!

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Y’all, I have tried several times over the last several years to kick off the comeback of the Banana Clip! I mean, how did something so logical and convenient die out?


The Banana Clip was the go to hair accessory in the ’80s, then it slowly faded away. It should have never left! Well, now I won’t look like a crazy lady and can sport it again because it is once again the cool thing to do!


This was popular way before the Claw Clip, which was pretty popular in the ’90s. You are totally good to go on wearing those again as well!


I was so close to just saying screw it and shaving all of my hair off again, but now… NOPE! I’m ordering myself some Banana Clips and living my best life! It is the easiest hair accessory too!


This is a super affordable hair accessory. You can find them pretty much everywhere, but ordering Banana Clips on Amazon is easiest!


It literally takes seconds! Here is a tutorial that shows you just how easy it is to use. It can work in all types of hair, especially thick hair!

So who else in with me on this recall blast from the past? Let’s do this! Lazy hair wins!


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