American Airlines Will Be Booking Planes At Full Capacity Starting Next Week. Here’s What We Know.

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So, are we really at this point? I mean, I haven’t been a complete fan of things being shut down, but the last place I want to be is somewhere crowded, and this is not me being overly freaked out. This is just common sense.

Honestly, every single time I fly, I get sick. So guess who doesn’t fly anywhere anymore? Me!

I certainly wouldn’t be flying anywhere right now, nor would I in flu season either. I am truly immunocompromised and I am every day, not just during a pandemic.

American Airlines is booking flights to full capacity starting next week and I’m a little mind blown. I mean yesterday here in Texas we were told we can’t go tubing or rafting on the river, which I think is completely over the top, because we CAN go to Six Flags…does that make sense?

As more people continue to travel, customers may notice that more flights are booked to capacity starting July 1.

American Airlines

I have said it many times, I am the queen of social distancing and was way before this coronavirus. But, packing an airplane to full capacity and totally skipping social distancing on an airplane seems a bit insane right now.

Other airlines are only booking to about 60% capacity so that they can allow for social distancing on the flights still. In fact, through July 31, JetBlue will be leaving the middle seats empty between passengers. Through Sept. 30, Delta is seating at about 60 percent capacity, and Southwest is seating at about 67 percent capacity.

American Airlines did say that if a flight is likely to be full, that it will allow customers to change flights with no extra costs added. Now, I am the first to say that we need to head back towards normal function, but even I am cringing at packing a plane.

I really liked the idea of limited capacity on airplanes, it even gave me some ideas about maybe flying again. Not being crowded by people and banged into, and maybe not catching everyone’s funk like I normally do when traveling.

So what are your thoughts? Is it time to get back to full capacity on airplanes, or were you also digging the idea of having more space between you and other passengers. Maybe for me, it is more of my antisocial antics than anything…

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