A Woman Started Paying for Strangers’ Groceries at Walmart and It Turned Out to Be Sia

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Sia threw her hair up in a messy bun, dressed just like one of us, and stopped by a Walmart and TJ Maxx in Palm Springs to pay it forward to unsuspecting shoppers on Wednesday.

You’d think a celebrity paying for your groceries would cause mass pandemonium. In this case, most people didn’t know who the Chandelier singer was, because Sia is usually seen in a wig that covers the majority of her face.


She told everyone at the Palm Springs stores that her name was Sisi (Cici?), and she said that she had just won the lottery, and wanted to pay it forward. How SWEET is that?!?


I would think that MOST celebrities would want the recognition, but she didn’t want to be recognized at all. She just wanted to do something kind for other human beings.


Many celebrities have second homes in Palm Springs, but it isn’t often that you hear about them going into Walmart to pick up the tab for people!

Kudos to Sia for being a downright awesome human being, and paying it forward!


Sia hasn’t yet made a comment about her day of giving, and I doubt she will. It looks like she just wanted to be a normal human being, giving back the best way she knew how.


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