Walmart is Selling Sugar Cookie Flavored Popcorn And I Need Some

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This is the best thing to POP into my world! Walmart has Holiday Sugar Cookie Microwaveable Popcorn, and I’m going to need to shove some in my mouth ASAP.

With Disney+ now streaming on my Smart TV, the family has had a popcorn and movie watching party every night this week. We have only had the PLAIN popcorn, though. Now that seems a little boring.

I am totally a fan of the Sugar Cookie flavor popcorn from Boom Chicka Pop, but that comes pre-popped in a bag, and drizzled with sweet icing that has the sugar cookie flavor.

The Great Value brand from Walmart is actually a microwaveable popcorn, and that awesome sugar cookie flavor is all over those tasty popcorn kernels.

I’m pretty sure they are laced with some kind of drug*, because they are totally addicting! They are salty and sweet — sort of like a sugar cookie kettle corn.

This popcorn is only here for the Holidays, so you better go ahead and grab five boxes to be safe**.

While you’re at Walmart, you better grab yourself a couple packs of Pillsbury Ready To Bake Christmas Cookies! They are such a yummy Holiday traditions.

You can also get these Matching Bear Slippers For The Entire Family! The Fam will love them.

*Of course, it’s not REALLY laced with drugs.
**Or, you know, at least more than one box.

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