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Trader Joe’s Is Selling $8 Coffee Plants So You Can Grow Your Own Coffee Beans

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Coffee is serious business for me. It is a must have, and not just for mornings. I am talking coffee all day every day! Day or night, I am down for some coffee. Plain coffee, fancy coffee, iced coffee, or hot coffee. All of the coffee is fine with me.

Honestly, growing my own coffee beans has never crossed my mind. I do like plants so maybe it’s worth a try? I bet my mom could keep one alive long enough to produce, so may it would be a great gift for her.

From what I have read, you’re not likely to get a ton of coffee beans from these plants. But they are pretty to look at and plants are good to have in and around our homes. So why not give it a try?


I guess we will need to learn to roast coffee beans in case my mama’s green thumb produces an abundance of glorious homegrown coffee beans. the plants are native to tropical areas of Asia and Africa.


You can learn more about the care of coffee plants all over the internet. I found this great guide on growing coffee plants at home from Gardening Know How. They said it can take three to five years for one of these homegrown coffee plants to bloom and produce beans.


You can pick one of the mini coffee plants up from Trader Joes for around $8. Or you can shop around for more varieties and even sizes!


I found some on Etsy, and I am especially interested in this Kona Coffee Arabica Starter Hawaiian Plant that you can buy for $29.99! You can get your own Kona coffee plant from DiscountHawaiiangift on Etsy. Have you ever grown a coffee plant?


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