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10-Foot Tall Human-Like Creatures Were Caught On Video, And This Is Wild

Things are getting weird, people!

Earlier this week, there was an alien threat at a mall in Florida. More than 50 cop cars pulled up to a mall, and an 8-foot tall gray creature was “seen” walking around.

Now, people are reporting super tall, 10-foot human-like beings walking the hills in Brazil.

And, of course, somebody caught it on camera.

According to TMZ, the video was taken in Ilha do Mel, an island off the coast of Brazil.

Now, the video looks to be taken from a ways away, but you can still tell these 2 human-like beings are super tall — taller than anything around them.

Locals of Ilha do Mel claim they saw two tall, mysteriously human-like figures standing on a hilltop on the island.

The “aliens” appear to be scoping out the landscape below, gesturing to each other as they walk around — possibly taking pictures?

The woman who took the video in question says that it’s kind of impossible for humans to get to the part of the hill where the “aliens” are walking around, yet there they are.

I bet conspiracy theorists are going INSANE right now! First Florida, and less than a week later, Brazil!

Of course, officials are not saying a word about what the creatures might be — but I’m sure they’ll have some explanation for the tall figures.

If you want to see the video of the “alien” creatures, you can go HERE.