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Here’s What The Gen Z “Nose Cover Trend” Is All About

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There is a new trend among Gen Zers, and it has baffled the older generations, until now.

This trend has all the teens covering their noses in pictures, and it’s hella annoying, right?!?

I mean, we’ve had to deal with some weird trends by this generation of teens.

But this one, THIS ONE I just don’t get.

Like, just put your freaking hand down, and let me get a good picture!!

But, nope. They insist on covering their noses, no matter how much we beg, scream, and plead.

Turns out, this trend isn’t just to drive the adults out of their minds.

Teens are covering their noses so we can’t post pictures of them online without their consent.

The ‘nose cover’ is just a signal to their peers that they won’t be caught ‘slipping’ which we eventually translated to meaning ‘off guard.’

Michelle Harris

They are apparently afraid of getting bullied and ridiculed for showing up on social media in family photos.

It’s kind of a way to deal with their insecurities without getting made fun of by their peers.

I’ll tell you what. Being a teen was hard, but this generation has it much worse!

The online world is a very hard thing for teenagers to tackle as we all know. But to have pictures across social channels which parents have taken and maybe not perfected this can really affect teenagers.

Amanda Jenner

So, think about it next time you are trying to get your teen to take a nice family photo.

Maybe promise them that you won’t post it online — and then don’t.

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