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These Dog Succulent Pots Are Perfect For The Dog Lover In Your Life

It’s me, I am the dog lover in your life… even if you only know me from a distance… I think it’s quite obvious that it’s me.

These pots are made to look like some of your favorite dog breeds and are the perfect size for holding a succulent.

You can choose from the following dog breed designs:

EclectiqDesign – Etsy
  • White Labrador
  • Chocolate Labrador
  • Peachy Pug
  • Wrinkly Bulldog
  • Snoozing Schnauzer
  • Colorful Corgi
  • Sleeping Husky
  • Cutest Poodle
  • Adorable Dachshund
  • Beagle With Mug
  • Bubbly Beagle
EclectiqDesign – Etsy

They would make great gifts for anyone that is obsessed with dogs, especially if you are gifting them to yourself.

EclectiqDesign – Etsy

The dog planter pots are small enough to fit in pretty much anywhere including desks, bookshelves, tables, window sills, countertops, and more.

EclectiqDesign – Etsy

These little pug planters are just precious… they are well made… they come packaged in individual shipping boxes… I am so happy 😊!!

Sherrie – Etsy customer review

The dog-shaped planters are made with top-quality resin that has been baked at high temperatures.

EclectiqDesign – Etsy

There is a draining hole in the planters to allow the water to flow through the soil easily to the saucer so that you can avoid root rot.

EclectiqDesign – Etsy

Super cute! I think the quality is great as well, and it shipped pretty quickly in safe packaging. It is the perfect size for me and exactly what I wanted. 

Lily – Etsy customer review
EclectiqDesign – Etsy

The planters measure about 14.5 cm long, by 8 cm wide, by 10 cm in height and they are perfect for small plants and succulents.

EclectiqDesign – Etsy

The pot is adorable and there’s plenty of room for a succulent! The pot is sturdy and well-made, would definitely recommend!

Brendan Gutierrez – Etsy customer review
EclectiqDesign – Etsy

You can buy your own adorable dog-themed succulent planters from EclectiqDesign on Etsy!

EclectiqDesign – Etsy