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How to Order The Sunflower Drink off The Starbucks Secret Menu

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If you haven’t heard yet, Starbucks is gearing for summer quicker than we count down the days until the sand is beneath is our toes.

Considering their latest reveal of their summer menu coming soon, there’s a new Starbucks drink that is the epitome drink of this summer vacation, tropical oasis, and sunflower field season!

Thanks to Starbucks Barista @lisbontarbucks who shared the drink on TikTok, we know now “The Sunflower” beverage exists!

Courtesy of @lisbontarbucks

Fitting for summer since this type of flower only blooms during the hottest days of the year, The Sunflower beverage is a drink that only takes three ingredients.

Courtesy of @lisbontarbucks

Combining raspberry syrup, lemonade, and passion tea, this new beverage is served on ice, taking inspiration from the Raspberry sunflower seed that grows tall in the backyard and colored with hues of yellow, oranges, and reds.

Courtesy of @lisbontarbucks

To order, pick a size and ask your barista to combine lemonade, passion tea, raspberry syrup on ice!

Courtesy of @lisbontarbucks

Yellow on the bottom and deep red on top, this new beverage is just another excuse to make a Starbucks drive-thru run!

The Sunflower is currently available to order at Starbucks to sip on in stores or to drink while combining through a sunflower maze.

Courtesy of @lisbontarbucks

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