Popcorn-Flavor M&M’s Exist and It’s The Perfect Snack For Binge-Watching Your Favorite Shows

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It’s hard to resist M&M’s peanut flavored candy. I love the crunch from the peanut in the middle of the candy.

I also really enjoy the mini M&M’s, but that’s beside the point.


M&M’s has come out with a new popcorn flavor that will definitely bring the crunch if you desire it like I do.

The new popcorn flavored M&M’s is described on the packaging as “milk chocolate with a crisp rice center.” Do you know what that reminds me of, the bags of chocolate covered popcorn you can buy at Walmart or Target.

When I was in High School I used to work at a movie theater and every night they would let us take home the left over popcorn.

When I would come home, I would drizzle chocolate syrup on the top and would even add a coating of grated parmesan from time to time.

The new flavor has been spotted at Sheetz, which is a a convenience store similar to Wawa if you haven’t heard of them.

Although I am curious as to why the packaging is related to football; I’m assuming there will be some type of connection for the upcoming football season since M&M’s is an official sponsor of the NFL.


Now I can watch my favorite hometown team and enjoy the game on the flat screen with M&Ms and popcorn combined in one!


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  1. Yes, I bought em’ & like em’…they r good! ?

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