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Home Depot Is Selling A Creepy Cool Mausoleum Archway and Crypt You Can Put In Your Yard For Halloween

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This would be perfect to pair with the Haunted Hearse with the Skeleton! I mean he has to be headed somewhere and I think this is the place! This is the Grave and Bones Mausoleum Archway and Crypt! The perfect place to deliver a dead man’s bones!

The giant-sized mausoleum archway was inspired by a Parisian cemetery! The details are amazing!

There are gargoyles on the sides with a creepy death angel with red LED eyes at the top! The stone look structure is so realistic!

It stands 8.5 feet tall! It is made to look like water is running down the sides and turning into moss at the bottom.

These details are inspired by the catacombs.

This Crypt Ruin with the tomb is fantastic! It is highly detailed and sculpted to look like the real deal.

The lid can even be set up to look like the pieces have been broken open and something has escaped!

Both of the pieces are easy to assemble and can be used together or on their own. They can work as indoor and outdoor decorations. You could have the coolest Halloween decorations set up on the block!

Wow this looks pretty realistic! There aren’t many parts it’s easy to assemble and will take up a bit of space to store it for the next season. The box it arrived in was huge but lots of empty space and packed well. Once assembled we found that a lot of the black detail paint will come off on your hands but doesn’t seem to effect the look of the crypt look. The top of the crypt can be set to ways for different options! Now all we have to do is wait for Halloween to completely scare the trick or treaters!

TOME2 – Home Depot Reviewer
TOME2 – Home Depot Reviewer

Look how massive it is! You can get your own Mausoleum Archway and Crypt from Home Depot for only $329 for the set! This is another great piece that will bring you years of Halloween scares!

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