Someone Put Their Sphynx Cat In A Wig And Dress And I’m Laughing So Hard Right Now

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You know what a Sphynx Cat is, right? It’s one of those cats that doesn’t have fur.

You want to think they are ugly — but they are too unique and sweet to be ugly!! They are beautiful!!

Even Jasper, the Sphynx cat with no eyes — the gargoyle cat, as some call him — is a sweet furless baby.

I never think about wanting a Sphynx cat — until I see one. Then, I’m all up in my husband’s business telling him that we NEED one of those kittens!!

Wait until you see this.

Someone put their Sphynx Cat in a wig and a dress, and it almost looks human! It’s crazy.

Gah!! It is just too sweet!!

Doesn’t it just look like a cute little girl with a tail?!? I had to actually take a double take when I saw this picture!

It kinda looks like an elf, or a fairy, or something otherworldly. I halfway expect it to fly off into the fairy forest! Ha!

AND, it makes me want to go right out and get one!!

Oh, don’t worry. I’d take care of it. I wouldn’t be like one of those people that buys a chick at easter just because it’s cute, but then dumps it off because they don’t want to take care of it.

Please tell me you don’t do that. It kind of drives me crazy.

But, isn’t this the best thing you’ve seen all day? You’re welcome!!

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