Walmart is Selling A $12 Giant Chocolate Heart You Have to Break with A Wooden Mallet

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I’m not usually a HUGE fan of Valentine’s day. I like to think it is a “Retail Holiday,” and we should just show our love ALL THE TIME!

BUT, this big-ol’-heart from Walmart just might change my mind! It is so fun, and I think I’m going to need it in my life!

Walmart has come out with a Giant Milk Chocolate Bark Heart, and you actually break it apart with a little wooden mallet.

It’s covered in little Valentine confetti — pink and purple hearts, red and white stick confetti, and white polka dots.

My favorite part is that little wooden mallet. Ha! You get to smash the chocolate apart, giving it that true chocolate bark feel.

You actually get to break someone’s heart, but hopefully only the good kind of break!

Will you choose to share this with your Valentine, or totally keep it all for yourself? I would probably share it — reluctantly.

This heart comes with 14 ounces of chocolate, in a cute little heart box and costs $11.98.

Courtesy of Walmart

That mallet, though. It just MAKES the whole gift!

This is Sam’s Choice chocolate heart, so it is sold exclusively at Walmart.

This chocolate heart retails for twelve bucks — PERFECT for your Valentine, your kids, or even your friends!

Courtesy of Walmart

You will be the HIT of Valentine’s Day. Hit — get it — there’s a mallet! Ha!

You can your Giant Heart Chocolate from Walmart Here.

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