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This 79-Year-Old Man Started A YouTube Cooking Channel After Losing His Job and I Love Watching Him

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This is one of those stories where you’re going to say “awh” and become inspired, so get ready.

It’s amazing how strong a person can be when life knocks you down.

Courtesy of Tito Charly

Such as this man, who kept on pushing when he lost his job at a grocery store in Mexico due to the virus; he decided to make a change.


At 79 years old, this older gentleman is the definition of the saying “age is but a number”.


Carlos Elizondo, “Tito Charly”, started his very own Youtube Channel after he was released from his job as a grocery store bagger.

Mr. Elizondo started sharing his recipes online and creating YouTube videos to show off his cooking skills.

Some of the recipes include a grilled cheese with bacon and chorizo, dried meat with piloncillo and finally, chilaca chiles stuffed with shrimp and chorizo.

A mouthful to say I know, but it’s also a mouthful of food I want to try ASAP.

Mr. Elizondo even sells his own line of ingredients on the WhatsApp messaging app according to Reforma.

His recipes have done so well online, that Mr. Elizondo is currently standing at 5.26k subscribers which is just amazing to see.

Congratulations to you, Mr. Carlos Elizondo!

According to Carlos, his late wife and her father were both talented in the kitchen, so now we know why Mr. Elizondo has exquisite cooking skills.

With the help of his daughter who films and fulfills orders on WhatsApp, including his grandson who also uploads all of his grandfather’s videos, Carlos has become a star overnight.

“I still don’t understand YouTube very well, but I’m making progress there, said Carlos Elizondo.”

Carlos Elizondo

Mr. Elizondo’s products are currently only sold in Monterrey, Saltillo, San Luis Potosí, Chihuahua, Torreón, and Guanajuato through the WhatsApp number 811-102-6685, according to Reforma. So unfortunately, his line of ingredients has not yet hit the U.S.

Although we can still show our support by watching his cooking videos, subscribing and hoping one day his ingredients will also be sold in the U.S.!

Your food looks amazing Mr. Elizondo!

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