The Hallmark Channel Is Selling Their Own Christmas Themed Wine and It’s Available For Pre-Order Now

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The Hallmark Channel is known for their Countdown to Christmas.

You know when Christmas is around the corner when you see the start of their countdown in the TV guide.

For those of you who have a tradition to watch every classic Christmas film on Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas, movie nights are about to get even better.


The Hallmark Channel is introducing their own line of festive wines!

Hallmark Christmas wines Credit: Hallmark Channel

Take your pick, because there are two Christmas bottles you can choose from, “Jingle” and “Joy”. Although who says you really have to pick between the two, because the names go perfectly together.


The first bottle “Jingle”, is described as a “rich, full-bodied premium Cabernet Sauvignon with aromas of cherry, dark chocolate, and a hint of holiday spice”, according to a press release.

“Joy” is a “special crisp Sauvignon Blanc featuring notes of tropical fruits, white peach, and ripe pineapple”, also stated in the press release.


Created with Wines That Rock, the Hallmark Channel is selling their bottles of wine in 2 packs, 4 packs, 6 packs and even a case of 12 bottles.

You can pre-order your pack of holiday wines now on their website and keep in mind that only a limited number of wine bottles will be ready in time for the holidays.


If you decide to purchase your first Christmas gift in July, either for yourself or someone else, your bottles will be delivered by October 2020.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how festive the outside packaging of the two wine bottles look?

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