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Target Is Selling The Cutest $6 Beach Towels And I Need Them All

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You NEED to check out these $6 Beach Towels from Target! GAH!


They are so stinkin’ cute, and just the right price for my bank account!!


I am SO ready for summertime fun by the pool and at the beach.

Laying out a beach towel, lounging out in the sun, feeling the cool splash of the water — OMG, it’s so close, I can taste it!!

And, I can ALWAYS use more beach towels — one can simply never have enough.

I love to have beach towels waiting in the linen closet, so I can be ready to grab one and go.

That’s why I’m so crazy-excited about the $6 beach towel that they have in stock at Target.


It’s time to fill up the shopping cart, and make sure we’re ready for all the fun that summer has to offer.

We already know that Target is our go to destination for all things summer — between little Blow-Up Pools for the kids, to Pineapple Coolers for Mom, and even fun Sprinklers for the kids to run through — Target is THE place to go.


But, let’s talk about what we really came here for — THE BEACH TOWELS!!

Now, they had these Sun Squad beach towels last year, and they sold out really quickly.


I mean, They are $6 beach towels — of COURSE they did!!

That just means you need to JUMP on this deal this year before it’s gone!


Featuring classic rectangular shapes and soft construction, these rectangular beach towels come in a variety of patterns and
solids so everyone can have their own towel to lay in the sun or dry off after a swim.


There are 6 colors to choose from — blue, orange, gray, navy, pink, and green — and, if you are like me, you will want one of each!!


They are all cabana striped, and totally bright, fun, and perfect for all things summer.

Lightweight cotton construction provides a soft feel
against skin and good absorbency, while also offering a material that rolls up compactly for transporting in your beach tote or storing in
a linen closet between uses.


You can get your OWN $6 Cabana Beach Towel at Target while they last.

Now, these towels are a little on the small side, so if you want something a bit bigger, Target also has these super-cute $12 Cabana Beach Towels.


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