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Jack In The Box Is Releasing Tiny Tacos for Just $1!

Move over boring discount tacos on taco Tuesday because Jack In The Box Is Releasing Tiny Tacos For Just $1!

Tiny food is always cuter and I might even add, it seems to taste better. Maybe just because it’s so darn cute.

Nonetheless, Jack In The Box’s Tiny Tacos are both crave worthy and budget friendly.

You can snag an order of 5 tiny tacos for just $1!

Feeling more hungry?

At just $5 (less than a trip to Starbucks) you can snag a box of tiny tacos which includes a pack of 25 tacos for $5, complete with their Buttermilk Ranch dipping sauce, Taco Sauce, and their new Creamy Avocado Lime Sauce, which is debuting along with the tacos!

If you’re in Fresno, you can find 15 little taco friends for $3 or for just an extra dollar try the Loaded Tiny Tacos. These are served with melty cheese, shredded lettuce and taco sauce and, well, you had me at melty cheese.

OMG – hungry, yet?

Now, before you run off to grab some you should know they are testing these in select cities before bringing them nationwide.

Right now, they’re only in test phases in Dallas or Austin, Texas or Fresno, California until September 1, 2019.

Let’s just hope they roll these out soon everywhere because they are adorably delicious!

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