Amazon is Selling Mac & Cheese In A Can and I Have So Many Questions

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When you think of convenience you immediately think of food, right? Fast food, yes and even the Uber delivery guy but you probably never thought that you could get Mac & Cheese In A Can but guess what? That time has come too.

Amazon is Selling Mac & Cheese In A Can and I Have So Many Questions…

For starters, I have to know, is it slimy?

I mean, I like my Mac & Cheese firm but not crunchy, I don’t know how I’d feel about pre-cooked noodles.

Does it have a weird smell?

I am all about mac & cheese but there is that distinct smell of freshly made drizzly, cheese and I feel like this might smell like that Kong cheese in a can for dogs…

Was this made for the apocalypse in mind?

I can’t imagine some big CEO guy at Heinz decided it’d be a great idea to turn traditional mac & cheese into a canned food unless he foresaw the future apocalypse.

“You know when the zombie outbreak hits but all your kid can scream about is mac and cheese, this is for that time”. – Some random CEO

Who priced this stuff? $10 for one can? Is it made of golden cheese?

No, I am not joking. Whether you buy from one seller priced at $10+ with free shipping or another priced at $4 with $6 shipping, you’re still paying basically $10 a can. That is insane!

I’ll stick to my $1.00 box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, at least those have fun shapes!

Okay, seriously, I really have to know it if it tastes good so I am going to order some but according to the Amazon reviews, it doesn’t so I might just saw yourself some cash.

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