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This Guy Made A Baby Yoda Entirely Out Of Snow And It’s The Cutest Thing In The Galaxy

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Look! It’s Baby Yoda — I refuse to call him Grogu — but you haven’t seen him like THIS before.

All of you haters out there who don’t like winter, just look at this perfection.

You won’t find THIS during the summer! It’s a Baby Yoda, but guess what he’s made out of — SNOW!!

Can you even believe how precious this is?

Rick Horton, who runs The Snow Artist page on Facebook, is the creator of this super adorable Snow Baby Yoda.

He takes full advantage of every winter snow storm that hits Indiana, and creates amazing snow sculptures with the winter white that’s dumped in his yard.

Although Baby Yoda is by far my favorite, Rick has made many other awesome snow creations.

His winter work puts the teeny little snowman in my front yard to shame! Just look how freaking gorgeous these are!

He even made this 40 foot rattlesnake in his front yard!!


All it takes is a bunch of snow, cans upon cans of spray paint, hours of daylight, and a hella lot of talent.

If you want to see more of his creations, head on over to his Facebook page and check them out!

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