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Starbucks Released A Teacher Tumbler That Comes With A Pencil Straw and We All Need One

Pretty much everyone is a teacher of some sort right? Especially right now! Starbucks has released a limited edition pencil and paper tumbler and it is so fitting!

We are what you call unschoolers. It’s a form of homeschooling with quite a bit more freedoms. Life is very educational in many ways.

A lot of you have had to become impromptu teachers because of everything happening in the world right now. I know it is hard and it is stressful. Try to relax though, you will get through it.

Some of you are actual teachers and are also thrown into a new way of doing things and it is also hard and stressful for you. I’m sorry!

So why not treat yourself or your favorite teacher to a cool pencil and paper tumbler from Starbucks?

Apparently this is a rare find, but I spotted four of them at the Starbucks inside of our local Albertsons store.

This Starbucks 2020 Summer cold drink tumbler is 24oz. It has a Navy Blue lid, on a clear tumbler that has paper lines on it. The straw is made to look like a good ‘ol number 2 pencil with an eraser.

It’s super cute and would make the current educators in your life super happy! So, if someone needs to be pepped up, try getting them one of these. Right now is a perfect time for thoughtful gifts for those that are struggling.

If you can’t score one of the ones I found above, I also found these amazing cups available on Etsy. Super cute and personalized too!

MEmakers – Etsy

The seller is MEmakers and you can buy one for only $14! You can choose the color of the vinyl used for the “Teacher Fuel” label too. This is Venti sized and totally reusable!

MEmakers – Etsy

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