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Twix and Snickers Now Come In Chocolate Milk Flavor. You HAVE To Try Them!

What in the witchy sorcery is this? Twix and Snickers have a Chocolate Milk? YES PLEASE!

The Mars company made my week when they brought out these LOWFAT chocolate milks that taste like the candy bars we all know and love.

Did you catch that? LOWFAT! Can we really believe it?

Well, each 8 ounce serving contains 160 calories and 2.5 grams of fat. Not only that, but there are ZERO trans fats. Those are the really, really bad ones.

I call that awesome news! I don’t have to feel extremely guilty splurging on these delicious concoctions of candy bar heaven.

They have already been spotted in stores across the U.S., and are heading to more very soon!

Have this poured over my cereal in the morning? Well, yes, I think I will!

Blended up in my morning smoothie? Why the heck not!

Yes, indeed, BloomeJack! We are running to get some now!