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The Rare ‘Ring Of Fire’ Solar Eclipse Happens This Week. Here’s How To Watch It!

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We just had the Super Flower Blood Moon, but this week we get to see something a bit more rare!

The rare “Ring of Fire” solar eclipse is happening this week and I can not wait!

An annual solar eclipse doesn’t completely cover the sun when the moon passes over, so it leaves a ring around the sun that is glowing and visible.

As the pair rises higher in the sky, the silhouette of the Moon will gradually shift off the sun to the lower left, allowing more of the Sun to show until the eclipse ends,


According to NASA an annular eclipse happens when the moon is in its first lunar phase and farther away from Earth, so it appears smaller in the sky.

Since the moon is farther away, it won’t completely block out the sun, so we get to see the cool ring of fire effect!

This will be completely visible for Canada, Greenland, Siberia, and the Arctic Ocean.

It will also be partly visible for northeastern North America, Northern Asia, Greenland, and Northern Europe.

From any one point along this annular solar eclipse path, the middle or annular or ‘ring of fire’ stage of the eclipse lasts a maximum of 3 minutes 51 seconds


You will be able to view the “Ring of Fire” on the morning of Thursday, June 10th.

This chart will show you when you will be able to view it:

Make sure that you wear eye protection while viewing because you can damage your eyes by looking directly at an eclipse.

If you are unable to watch it in person, there will be a livestream you can watch!

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