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This Woman Wins The Title Of Being The Worst Bride Ever After Asking Bridesmaids To Be A Size 8 To Be In Her Wedding

I am just going to say it… WHAT THE ACTUAL F—?

I think it’s safe to say, we all know someone who turned into a Bridezilla during their wedding but this one, this one takes the cake.

Like, if there was an award for the worst bride and possibly even woman of all time, this would be it. She’d win – hands down.

So, there is this woman who sent out a TEXT message to her bridesmaids-to-be with her “demands” for her “perfect” wedding.

Of course, one of the bridesmaids posted the texts to Reddit and it went viral…

Now, this isn’t just something like “look your best” or “wear purple” this is far, far beyond that.

This woman had the guts to tell her bridesmaids that she bought all the bridesmaid dresses in a size 8 so if you’re not a size 8, hit the gym. WTF?!

Like, what if someone is big boned? Can’t lose weight due to an illness? Or is entirely comfortable with their body?

This is just body shaming and I can’t believe this person thought saying that to another woman was okay…

And if that wasn’t bad enough, she then goes on to say, kids are not allowed and that she’d send her Venmo and cash app info over so people could donate $500 her her honeymoon fund.

I am sorry, what?!

What dimension or world are we living in?

Is this chick the queen of freaking England? Like who makes demands like that?

I’d be damn sure to not attend any wedding that I had to pay a $500 “donation” to attend. Sorry, but I don’t love anyone that much.

I think I’ll stay home and enjoy some cheap wine while binging on some snacks. Thanks but no thanks.

I just can’t.

I am literal disbelief that someone is that entitled and that hateful towards another human being.

I mean, I would think the women these texts went out to were her friends, right? How could you talk that way to a friend?

I truly hope that this woman had a HUGE wake up call and didn’t follow through with any of these insane demands. Or I really hope this was a joke.

But if it’s not, I feel bad for the person she tricked into marrying her… Sheesh.