Starbucks Has A New Color Changing Cup That Has The Same Colors Of A Watermelon

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Starbucks newest color changing cup is similar to a juicy snack that is commonly eaten during the summer season to beat the heat.

Even though this hot cup is certainly not edible, the color changing cup has a vibrant pink lid and a matte green bottom similar to a fresh watermelon picked off the vine.

Courtesy of Ebay

The reusable hot cup changes to a bright yellow much like the beating sun on a hot summer’s day when any type of hot liquid is poured inside the cup!

Courtesy of Ebay

So whether or not you use this Starbuck’s color changing cup for a hot White Chocolate Mocha, a hot chocolate or a soothing green tea when you’re feeling under the weather, this Starbucks cup won’t disappoint as it changes colors right before your eyes.

Courtesy of Mercari

You can currently get the new pink and green color changing cup from Starbucks on Ebay for $20!

Who says you can’t drink a hot coffee during the summer season, not I!

Courtesy of @Janell Walls

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