This Kid Had A Photoshoot With Dead Cicadas And It’s Creepily Adorable

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If you haven’t seen any cicadas around lately, it’s probably because you haven’t gone outdoors. They are EVERYWHERE!

More commonly, we’re seeing dead ones or their left over “shells”. I’ve been seeing them all over my yard!

But for this adorable 9 year old, they took this as an opportunity to make art, and I am here for it!

You have to say, it’s pretty creative for a 9 year old to set up different scenes for this dead cicada to make a photo shoot. I’m personally impressed!

This dead cicada is “living it’s best life” by building sand castles, eating great food, relaxing, going on adventures, and yes, even using the bathroom.

I honestly can’t pick my favorite picture, but this is sure to brighten your day! That is, unless this massively creeps you out.

So be sure to live your life to the fullest, just like this…dead…cicada.

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