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This Man Divorced His Wife For Making Him Instant Noodles For Every Meal

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Divorce is pretty darn prevalent these days.

You now can get married and then get divorced almost all in the same sentence.

I’m not saying people don’t have a great reason to get divorced. You do you, boo.

Is constantly leaving your dirty clothes on the floor in the bathroom, your food trash on the table in the kitchen, and full trash bags inside the door in the laundry room reason for divorce? Asking for a friend.

There is a dude in India who just divorced his wife, and the reason he did so is a bit odd.

According to the judge who presided over the case, this man divorced his wife because of her cooking.

What?!? Did I hear that right?

Yep. The man didn’t like his food.

He Divorced Her Because Of Her Cooking

I mean, wifey DID make him (supposedly) Maggi noodles — a type of instant noodles — for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She didn’t just do this one time. She did it repeatedly throughout their marriage.

The husband said his wife did not know how to prepare any food other than Maggi noodles. It was noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He complained that his wife went to the provision store and brought only instant noodles.

ML Raghunath, the judge who saw the case

Okay. Wait. I need to get on my soapbox for a minute.

Before we start agreeing that the wife was negligent in her “wifely duties,” let’s agree that it is NOT a woman’s job to do all the things and then be responsible for making all the meals.

Women bear double brunt, by working as an earning member of the family and at the same time also taking care of the household chores.

Shubhada Maitra, school of social work at Tata Institute of Social Sciences

In fact, if you let the words “wifely duties” leave your lips, we can’t be friends.

Was He Not Capable Of Making Food?

Let me ask. Does the wife in question work outside the home? Does she have to take care of a litter of kids at home? Are they short on money? Does he not have two hands?

There are about fifty eleven reasons why she might always serve him instant noodles, and I’m a bit concerned about the wife. What’s her story?

We get divorce petitions more from urban areas than rural parts. In rural areas, village panchayats intervene and settle the problems. Women have no independence and their fear of society and family sentiments force them to cope with the situation. But in cities, women are educated and financially independent.

ML Raghunath, the judge who saw the case

Yes. It would kind of suck to eat the same exact thing all the time, but we need a little more context to the story, right?!?

In India, there are rules around getting divorced.

Divorce cases are increasing drastically over the years. Couples have to stay together for at least a year before seeking divorce. If there was no such law, there would be divorce petitions filed directly from wedding halls.

ML Raghunath, the judge who saw the case

Apparently, in this case, the couple was allowed to go forward with the divorced on mutual grounds.

Side Note: If my husband was going to sue me and file for divorce because he didn’t like my cooking, I’d be done with the marriage as well!

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