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The Bath And Bodyworks Annual Candle Day Is Coming Up So Get Your Running Shoes On

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Every time Bath and Bodyworks has a massive sale, you gotta be ready to POUNCE! And the annual candle day is no exception!

Bath And Bodyworks

One day a year, Bath and Bodyworks sells their 3-wick candles for 60% off! It doesn’t get much better than that!

Bath and Bodyworks

The day of the sale is usually revealed just a few days before the actual sale, but it is always just before Christmas!

Bath and Bodyworks

There will be over 100 different styles to chose from, so picking out some last minute Christmas gifts for yourself and others should be pretty easy!

Bath and Bodyworks

So get your running shoes on (or your tying fingers ready if you’re shopping online!), get your lists ready, and good luck!

Bath and Bodyworks

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