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Instagram is Deleting Pictures of Boys with Long Hair and Parents Have a Lot to Say About It

Think twice before posting photos of your son with long hair…

We live in a day and age where boys like to grow their hair out too and while some are on board with the trend, others like Instagram for instance, is quick to cause outrage.

Instagram is Deleting Pictures of Boys with Long Hair and Parents Have a Lot to Say About It and truthfully, I don’t blame them.

Parents are wanting to share images of their kids on social media including their boys with long hair but Instagram is deleting pictures and even banning accounts posting boys with long hair saying they are violating their community guidelines.

Why is that?

Well, Instagram and Facebook do not allow nudity including female nipples (although I have seen some slip through the radar) so when parents are posting pictures of their boys with long hair and shirtless, the algorithm is thinking these are pictures of topless girls.

Facebook and Instagram have fairly clear regulations when it comes to nude photos: no genitals, no children older than a toddler shown without clothing, no nipples showing on a female older than a toddler. These are set to protect kids from online pedophiles which I respect and appreciate.

However, there has to be better ways to detect boys from girls, right?

I mean this deleting boys with long hair thing has gotten so bad that parents are having to mark up their images like this:

These parents have even started the #longhairedboyrevolution and parents everywhere are joining in on the cause to remind Instagram and Facebook that boys can have long hair too!

For now, this may be quite drastic but it seems to work and at least will keep those adorable pictures of your boys with long hair posted for the world to see.

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