Pink Fits Being a Mom Into Her Rockstar Lifestyle, And I Want To Be Her

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I am obsessed with all things Pink. She is just about the coolest of everything, including coolest mom.

It’s obvious her kids think so, too. Just check out this video of her toddler, Jamison, welcoming her home. It will, legit, make your ovaries hurt.

I have loved her relationship with her daughter, Willow, for YEARS!! She is such a down-to-earth mom, and it reflects in their relationship!

Just because Pink is rich and famous doesn’t mean she let’s her mom-life suffer. She takes her kids along with her, and it is just about the sweetest thing ever.

She even finds time to make life as “normal” for the kids as possible!

I mean, she is pretty much my spirit animal. I’m not this cool, but this could be MY family portrait. So much summed up in this one picture!

She is pretty much #momgoals.

I just hope my kids look back at our relationship, and think it’s as loving as this.

Don’t worry. I haven’t forgot about Dad, Carey Hart. He’s there too!

This is one amazing family! No. They aren’t perfect, but they are out there trying.

Keep it up, Pink! You are doing it right!

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