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Britney Spears Was Granted Permission To Hire Her Own Lawyer and It’s Just One Step Closer To Setting Her Free

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Ahhhh this is great news!!

In case you haven’t heard, Britney Spears has been in the news quite a bit lately.

Most recently, news broke that the attorney that was court-appointed to Britney and was her attorney for 13 years had stepped down.

Britney then asked that she have the opportunity to hire her own attorney of her choosing (I mean, makes sense, right?).

Well, as of today, she was granted permission to hire her own attorney and that is seriously amazing! It is one step closing to setting her free from the nightmare of a conservatorship she’s been in for over a decade.

Today, a judge granted Britney Spears permission to choose her own lawyer, former federal prosecutor Mathew Rosengart, as her private attorney.

Oh and get this, her new attorney isn’t wasting any time.

Apparently, her new lawyer Mathew is already taking action… He said he will be filing a subsequent petition for Jamie to be removed and for Britney to end the conservatorship.

Yesssss! This is the type of person we want to see… someone who will waste no time and not allow Britney’s father Jamie, cause any more damage to her life.

I am also so glad to see Britney’s old attorney, gone. I have to say, I think he has liked being paid $10,000 per week (according to reports) to represent Britney and I don’t think he wanted to see her get out of this conservatorship because that meant a huge pay cut for him.

Anyways, I am so happy to see things moving in the right direction for Britney!

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