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Move Over VSCO Girls, TikTok Witches Are The New Trend

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve officially reached the ultimate level of boredom. I’ve watched just about everything on Netflix and Facebook is such a drag right now.

So, I’ve turned to TikTok for my daily dose of entertainment and guess what I came across? TikTok Witches!

What is a TikTok Witch you ask? Well, they are basically fortune tellers and will answer questions you ask them. They do readings and use all sorts of cool things like sea shells, tarot cards and even a pendulum (I think that is what it is called).

You can even get your own personal reading which like, I totally want one.


Someone even asked if Trump will win the election and well…


Reply to @adamarisdiazz a question on everybody’s mind #trump #trump2020 #biden #biden2020 #election #vote #askawitch

♬ original sound – Jamie

This TikTok account elementually is the one that totally caught my eye and fair warning: their videos are addicting!! Seriously, I am OBSESSED with watching them.

At first look of their videos, they are all super colorful and fun to look at but when you begin watching them, you realize, they are witches and have all sorts of mindful insight!

Aside from answering questions and doing readings, they also test your witch intuition like they do in this video below.

Did you get it right? I don’t want to brag, but I totally did my first try.

If you need something to entertain yourself or just something cool to check out, you have to go over and check out these TikTok Witches.

I am totally obsessed and I am pretty sure this is the new trend (sorry, VSCO girls).

Now, all I need to know is, how can I become a witch?

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