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Disney Is Releasing ‘Mulan’ Straight To Disney+ and I’m So Excited

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We have all been anxiously awaiting the live-action version of Disney’s Mulan.

Courtesy of Disney

The studio kept pushing back the release date, and I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever actually see the movie.

Disney has FINALLY made a decision, and I’m happy with it!!

According to ComicBook.com there is going to be a new Special Access feature on Disney+, and Disney is going to release Mulan straight to this service, forgoing the theater completely.

The film will cost about $25 to “rent,” much like the other straight to streaming movies that we have seen since the coronavirus started.

Maybe you saw Trolls or Sonic? It is going to be much the same idea. Mulan will cost extra, but you will be able to stream it right to your TV through the Disney+ service.

September 4th is the day that Disney has set to release the feature film. Of course, we have learned in the past, that date is subject to change, change, and change again.

Courtesy of Disney

But, this is the most promising Mulan news we have heard in months!


Now, there are some theaters around the world that have opened theaters to the mass public. Disney has the option to release Mulan to these theaters, but we probably won’t see that happening in the U.S.

But, that doesn’t bother me one little bit! Bring on Mulan on Disney+!


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