Disney And Betsey Johnson Is Launching A Little Mermaid Collection And I Need It All

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Disney is teaming up with designer Betsey Johnson for the SECOND time, and I’m freaking out right now! It is a LITTLE MERMAID collection, and I need it to be part of my world immediately!

If you know me AT ALL, you know I’m a Disney-a-holic — A Disney Freak, if you will. I mean, my daughter’s middle name is Ariel, for goodness sakes.

Courtesy of Disney Parks

I am DYING over this collaboration. There are going to be reversible sequin ears, y’all. They are ocean-blue and lavender, and I need them to be in my collection NOW!

Courtesy of Disney Parks

There will be SIX items in this collection, and every single one of the item is GORGEOUS. I am trying to figure out which item I don’t want — and there isn’t even one!

Look at the treasure trove of charms on this bracelet! I can’t even!

Courtesy of Disney Parks

My ABSOLUTE favorite item they will have, are these Dinglehopper earrings. Gah! I love them so much!

Courtesy of Disney Parks

I am definitely not the only one fan-girling, giddy over this announcement. Those Betsey Johnson Mermaid Ears are going to be one HOT commodity.


The items will be between $65 and $175. A bit pricey, I know, but hella cool!

To get these items, you can totally plan a trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Or, not quite as fun but still effective, you can get them at shopDisney.


The collection will be available starting February 21st, and I can’t wait!

To celebrate the launch of these completely gorgeous products, Betsey Johnson, herself, will make an appearance at The Disney Dress Shop at Disneyland on February 21. So, if you are in the area, head on over!


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Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

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