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Sour Patch Watermelon Jelly Beans Exist and I’m Obsessed

Well, you know it’s almost spring time when you walk into a store and just browse all the different jelly bean flavors.

First, I found these Dunkin’ Iced Coffee Jellybeans (which are amazing BTW).

And now, I’ve found these Sour Patch Watermelon Jelly Beans and they are amazing too. In fact, I am OBSESSED.

If you like sour and you like the traditional Sour Patch Watermelon gummies, you are going to LOVE THESE!

These are certainly more sour than the gummies but equally as good and addicting. Seriously, I had to have my husband take the bag away from me.

I found these at my local Walgreens in the Easter candy section and they are $3.99 a bag or 2 for $6.00.

I also found them online at Target where you can buy online and do curbside pickup, heck yes!