This Ice Cream Maker Tray Lets You Make Homemade Ice Cream with Your Kids In Minutes

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If you’re looking for an activity for your kids to do while they’re currently at home and something that’ll satisfy their sweet tooth, you’re in luck!

Ice cream solves all problems. I consider it to be the solution of many things. Personally, I’m a die hard Death By Chocolate or Mint Chocolate Chip fan, Vanilla doesn’t cut it for me and I don’t prefer any type of flavor that involves fruit.

The last time I made home made ice cream it came out runny and it didn’t have the thickness ice cream usually would, but that’s probably because I didn’t have the Chef’n Sweet Spot Instant Ice Cream Maker!

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Currently on the market, the Chef’n Sweet Spot Instant Ice Cream Maker is sold by multiple retailers that can help you and your kiddies make dessert time even more fun by making ice cream from home!

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And it’s super simple, once you prepare your ice cream mixture of whatever you please, pour the mixture onto the “Sweet Spot” surface.

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Next, your ice cream mixture will instantly start to freeze!

Once the liquid begins to freeze, scrape along the perimeter of the tray and bring the mixture to the center. Repeat this process until the liquid is solid and wa-lah, you now have homemade ice cream!

The ice-cream maker along with the tray, includes two utensils, one for scraping and the other for scooping and a recipe/instruction book.

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Now what’s great about this product is that it can satisfy the grown ups too! Feel free to be creative and maybe a little risqué and try making some sorbets or margaritas, oh la la!

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