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Disney Is Changing Splash Mountain Into A New Princess And The Frog Themed Ride And It’s About Time

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Disney is going to re-theme one of the most beloved rides in the park, and I’m really shocked they haven’t done this sooner.

Disney’s Splash Mountain has always been the story of Brer Rabbit from 1946’s Song of the South — a movie that was long ago banned in the United States because of its racist themes.


The ride is going to be changed to a Princess and the Frog themed ride, which is a more modern Disney film — and, you know — it doesn’t speak to a racist antebellum South.


According to the Good Morning America, this Disney re-theming has been in the plans since “at least last year.”


The framing of the ride is such that it could be easily changed to tell the story of Tiana while not compromising too much of the ride/costing a fortune in remodeling for Disney. This change could kill two birds with one stone, remove the offensive stereotypical theming the ride currently has and bring a much needed diversity to the parks.


It will be pretty easy to keep the thematic elements of the ride relevant to the location in each Disneyland and Magic Kingdom.


Tiana is a modern, courageous, and empowered woman, who pursues her dreams and never loses sight of what’s really important. It’s a great story with a strong lead character, set against the backdrop of New Orleans and the Louisiana bayou.

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In Disneyland, Splash Mountain is adjacent to New Orleans Square (my favorite land in the park!). Since The Princess and the Frog is based in New Orleans, this new theme fits in PERFECT with the area in which ride is located.


At Disney World, Splash Mountain sits on the Rivers of America, in Frontierland at The Magic Kingdom. It is across from Tom Sawyer Island, which is a story that takes place on the Mississippi. The South is a theme of this Frontierland, and the newly themed Splash Mountain will fit in just fine here.


There isn’t a time frame for the new theming of the ride. Disney has just promised that it is going to happen.


When both Disney parks reopen after the quarantine, the ride will still reflect the old theming.


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