You Can Plant A Flower That Looks Exactly Like Corn On The Cob And I Want It

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Warmer weather is slowly making its way around the bend, which means it’s time to engage in summer activities including summer night drives, sliding down water slides and eating foods that taste the best during the summer season!

What foods come to mind when you think about the summer season; watermelon, tomatoes, strawberries and corn on the cob are a few classic summer treats!

Corn on the cob is a fan favorite when it comes to barbecues or when you’re just grilling with family on a hot summer night, but did you know that the popular sweet corn has a doppelg√§nger?

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That’s right, there’s a flower that looks exactly like the corn on the cob mom makes and no, you can’t eat this ear of corn!

Courtesy of @flower_n_foliage

Funny enough, this plant is named the “lollipop plant” and while it sort of looks like a lollipop, more so like rock candy if you ask me, this unique plant is totally twinning with the corn on the cob you see at family cookouts.

Courtesy of @lutzi_admi

Better yet, taking care of this plant is fairly easy (similar to making actual corn on the cob), it only takes frequent watering during the summer and indirect sunlight to keep this plant alive and looking well!

Courtesy of @radiating_green

You can currently get the seeds on Amazon for just $14.99 to have your own row of corn on the cobs in the backyard this summer!

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