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There’s A New Horrifying Netflix Show That People Are Saying Is ‘Traumatizing’

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If you thought you were bored with Netflix, think again…

I saw something going around on social media and I had to find out if it was true and to my surprise, it is…

Apparently, there is a show on Netflix That Has A Women With A Butt For A Mouth and I Can’t Bring Myself To Watch It.


Actually, it’s more like a butthole for a mouth and apparently where her actually butthole should be, it’s a mouth.


Uh, yeah — take a minute to digest that.


The show is called Skins and it’s about deformed and disfigured characters that need to find a way to deal with society shunning them.

One of those characters being the woman with a butthole for a face.

FYI this is the movie not the series (I didn’t know there was two).

According to a Reddit thread, that isn’t even the weirdest part about this show so prepare yourself for that…

Apparently, it was a Spanish show that won an award and even went viral back in 2015.

So, why is it making the rounds again? I have no idea. I guess people ran out of things to watch and came across this.

The preview/thumbnail of the show changed when people starting posting about it on Twitter saying how disgusting it was.

And now that it’s making the rounds again, people have some thoughts. Most of them are like “WTF?!”

I mean, I can’t bring myself to watch this right now but if you do, good luck to you!

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