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‘The Santa Clarita Diet’ Creator Wants to Make Season 4 and OMG, Please Do!

OMG!! I cannot tell you how much I LOVED The Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix and I was so dang sad when they cancelled it. Like, I don’t get it? People LOVED IT!

But nonetheless, the creator of the show actually wants to make Season 4 and OMG it needs to happen!!

Netflix – listen, we NEED to know what happens next. You can’t have Joel turn into a zombie and then leave us off on that cliffhanger. Not cool.

And the creator Victor Fresco, agrees and is ready to move forward with new ideas for Season 4.

“That’s something I think we all would want to do if everyone was available. Emotionally, everyone on the show would love to do some kind of closure,” Fresco told LADbible. “We thought it would be fun to do a season with Joel and Sheila in the same boat – what that would look like. I feel like this would be better for us and better for our fans too.”

OMG yesssss! Both of them being zombies, I’d love to see that!!

Honestly, so many people want this to happen. Hundreds of thousands of people have signed a petition to make Santa Clarita Diet comeback and I am all for that!

So, cross your fingers this happens because I’d love to see more Joel and Shelia!

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