If You Are Still Not Wearing A Mask, You’re A Selfish Jerk

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I’ve had it. Enough is enough!

Let me say it loud and clear – If You’re Still Not Wearing A Mask, You’re A Selfish A**hole!

There I said it. That weight has officially been lifted off my chest.

Now, let me be clear – this is NOT for the people who can’t wear masks. It’s for the people who don’t want to.

Today was the final straw for me. You see, earlier today I had to make my monthly trip to Costco. Dog food, baby supplies, ya know, the usual.

And as I am at checking out, minding my own business, I overhear this nice gentleman that works at Costco go up to a customer and say, “Hey sir, can you please put your face mask on”.

Again, this was extremely nice and not confrontation at all.

The guy replies, “It keeps falling off. So, I’ll try but it just won’t stay on”.

The worker replies, “I understand sir, but due to the statewide mandate, you must wear one while shopping and we will begin enforcing that on Monday”.

Now, mind you, we had over 3,600 POSITIVE Covid cases in our state yesterday and 9 people died.

The guy then gets nasty and starts going off, “Well, then you better just cancel my membership then”. Blah, blah, blah.

I felt so bad for that employee. I mean, he already is on his feet ALL DAY. Wearing a mask ALL DAY. Working in an essential job that is busy ALL DAY and this guy couldn’t pull a damn piece of fabric over his face!

Now, of course, I was quiet. I was not about to get into some fight with one of the biggest a**holes out there in the middle of Costco but I just couldn’t believe it.

I got to my car and I couldn’t help but think, what a selfish p*ick.

Look, I don’t care who you voted for because to be frank, this is not a political thing. There is no debate here. People ARE dying from this virus and one that we can SLOW the spread is by wearing a dang mask while we are in public. That and washing our hands. Not so hard, right?

And newsflash – it doesn’t matter where you live in the world, EVERY country is requiring some form of mask wearing.

So, just stop.

I just don’t get why wearing a piece of cloth over your face while you grab your can of coffee and meat for the week is such a big deal.

Doctors and nurses have to wear them all day. Every day. For long periods of time and you don’t see them protesting about it.

I am just over people being so insensitive to others.

Can you imagine if instead of being an a**hole all the time, those people we kind? Can you imagine how much better this crappy situation we are ALL in, would be?

So, seriously, if you are THAT person that thinks they are better than wearing a mask, just know, you are one of the worst people alive and you should be ashamed of the person you are.

And if you wear your mask, thank you. You are the type of person I’d want to sit at my table. You care for another’s life. You care that others stay safe and that’s exactly how it should be.

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