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People Are Having A Hard Time Figuring Out The Answer To This Math Problem

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There is a new brain teaser, and it involves a little bit of detective work and maybe just a little bit of math.

Can you solve it?

I love all the riddles and math problems they post on social media for everyone to try and solve.

I’m not going to lie — it may take me twice or twelve times to figure it out — but it’s a good workout for my brain.

It’s true — I’m a bit stubborn and competitive, so I keep at it — trying to solve it — until I get it!

In THIS puzzle, you have to try to figure out what the answer is to the very last equation — and if you’re not careful, it will trip you up.

See, they give you the answer to the first three equations — you just have to figure what number each picture represents.

It seems easy enough, right?!?

Let’s see if you can do it.

Do you think you have it?

Let’s break it down, shall we?

1st Equation

This one should be easy peasy to figure out.

There are 3 lipsticks, and they give you the answer as 30 — 30 divided by the three lipsticks makes them all a value of 10 each.

2nd Equation

In this problem, there is 1 lipstick and 2 makeup compacts.

We already know, from the previous problem, that a lipstick has the value of 10.

Now, it gives the answer as 20, so 20 minus a lipstick — which is 10 — equals 10.

So, each makeup compact has to be 5, because 10 divided by 2 is 5.

3rd Equation

Once again, we already know from the previous problem, that a makeup compact is worth 5.

The answer to equation number 3 is 9 — so 9 minus the makeup compact (5) equals 4.

There are 2 sets of nail polish, so each set must be 2, because 4 divided by 2 is 2.

Are you confused yet? I am!!

4th Equation

Okay. Here is where you have to pay attention.

They don’t give you the answer to this one, you have to figure it out.

If you just glance at it, you may think the answer is 17 — but it’s not.

Here’s why:

The makeup compact was — 5

The lipstick was — 10

The PAIR of nail polish was 2, but there’s only 1 nail polish represented, so it equals — 1

Then, if you pay attention, you notice the last mathematic symbol is NOT addition, but they trick us with multiplication.

Okay, that’s easy, we got that!

But, you have to think back to, like 6th grade, where we learned the order of operations.

Remember PEMDAS (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally)?

You have to clear the parenthesis first, then exponents, then multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction last.

So, if you write out the equation, it looks like 5 + (1 x 10).

Parenthesis first — 1 times 10 is 10.

Then you do addition — 5 plus 10 equals 15.

So, the answer is 15!!

Did you get it?

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