Nobody Can Find The Hidden Bee In This Picture

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I love a good brain teaser especially first thing in the morning.

This time around, you have to spot the bee in the picture…

The only thing is, this is quite a tough one.

This brain teaser was created and posted by Swift Direct Blinds.

According to their site, research by the University of Exeter and King’s College London has found that adults who regularly challenge their brain have better recall and brain function equivalent to 10 years younger than their age.

So, they posted the image below which is a puzzle featuring a bee hidden among the flowers and also provides a friendly reminder of the importance of bees.

Did you find it?

Okay, if you need a little help like I did keep scrolling…

Are you sure you want to see it?

Okay, the answer is…

Bee honest, how long did it take you find on your own?

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