Target Is Selling $5 Snow Globe Lights And I’m Going To Need Them All

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What a bright time, it’s the right time, to get these Christmas Lights that look just like little Snow Globes from Target! They make me so Holly Jolly, I can hardly stand it.

You’d think they were back in the expensive Christmas lights section of Target, but NO. They are right up in the Bullseye’s Playground section at the front of the store!

These festive lights are only five bucks, and I’m going to need enough to decorate my whole house!

Each little (they are actually pretty big) bulb comes complete with Christmas Tree and SNOW! When you light them up, they look just like a scene straight out of the North Pole!

I could stare at these Snow Globe Lights all day! They are so perfectly Christmassy.

I’d even keep these lights up AFTER the holidays. It would be like bringing the winter season right into my house — minus the cold!

Don’t live in an area with tons of snow? Boom! Target has you covered! You can enjoy the snow in the warmth of your own home.

These lights are for indoor use only, and are lit up by a battery pack. You don’t even have to position them near a plug!

I’m not going to lie — you NEED these in your home this holiday season! They are so unique and special. You will LOVE them.

As you can imagine, these Snow Globe lights are FLYING off the shelves. Get yourself to target RIGHT NOW!

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