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Here’s Every Single Drive-Thru That Will Give You A Free Pup Cup

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I don’t know what is better than driving with the windows down, music blaring and your furry companion by your side on a warm, summer night.

I mean, getting a cold treat can certainly make things a little better and that includes your furry B.F.F too.

Did you know that you can get a Free Pup Cup at many restaurants through the drive-thru? And I’m giving you the entire list of every single drive-thru that will give you a free pup cup so you can keep it handy!

What is a pup cup?

A pup cup is traditionally a cup filled with whipped cream that you can get at select restaurants to give your dog as a sweet treat.

Most of the time, it’s a complimentary (free) treat for your pup.


The List of Drive-Thrus That Will Give You A Free Pup Cup


Starbucks, known for its delicious coffee and cozy atmosphere, is also a favorite among dog owners. When you order your favorite beverage, ask for a “Puppuccino” at the drive-thru, and the barista will hand you a small cup of whipped cream for your furry friend.


Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is famous for its soft-serve ice cream and mouth-watering Blizzards. However, they also offer a “Pup Cup,” which consists of a small serving of their signature vanilla soft-serve ice cream. Make sure to ask for one without the chocolate curl, as chocolate is toxic to dogs.

Some places even have dog treats to add as a topper.


Sonic Drive-In

Sonic is known for its delicious burgers, hot dogs, and refreshing slushes. But did you know that Sonic also caters to dogs? When you visit their drive-thru, request a “Doggy Treat,” which is a small cup of whipped cream for your pup to enjoy.



Chick-fil-A is not only famous for its delicious chicken sandwiches but also for its exceptional customer service. Many locations provide a special “Doggy Treat” for your four-legged friend when you drive-thru. It’s usually a small cup of whipped cream, but availability might vary depending on the location.


Dunkin’ is a beloved coffee and donut chain, but they also have something for your furry friend. While not every location offers a pup-friendly treat, some drive-thrus provide a small cup of whipped cream, commonly known as a “Pup Cup.” Make sure to ask when you place your order.


Dutch Bros Coffee

Just like other major coffee chains, if you ask for a pup cup at Dutch Bros, you shall receive. You can get a free small cup of whipped cream during your visit.


Tim Hortons

This Canadian coffee and doughnut chain has made its way into the hearts of many Americans. Some Tim Hortons locations provide a “Pup Cup” upon request, which typically consists of a small cup of whipped cream or a dog biscuit.


Shake Shack

While Shake Shack doesn’t have drive-thrus in every location, the ones that do often offer a special dog menu. Treat your pup to a “Pooch-ini,” which is a combination of ShackBurger dog biscuits, peanut butter sauce, and vanilla custard. Note that the Pooch-ini is not available at locations inside stadiums, ballparks, airports, or international outposts.

Also, this one isn’t free (it’s around $4) but it’s worth mentioning since it’s a delight for your dog.



Wendy’s is famous for their soft and creamy frosty’s and you can even get your pup a mini vanilla frosty for their treat! Just ask for a dog frosty next time you are there.


These are just some of the many drive-thrus that will give you a pup cup to treat your furry friend.

It’s important to remember that not every location may offer these treats, so it’s always a good idea to ask when you’re ordering. With this list in hand, you and your pup can enjoy a tasty snack together during your next drive-thru adventure.


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