Netflix’s New Docuseries Is All About Tacos, Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

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Do you love tacos? I am sure that is a rhetorical question because DUH who doesn’t.

But if you are like the taco loving fan that Taco Bell needs, listen up because Netflix’s New Docuseries Is All About Tacos and let’s Taco ‘Bout It.

The New Netflix series is called Las Crónicas Del Taco – no idea what that means but it has the word taco so I’m in for binge watching it while enjoying some tasty tacos!

Associate producer and “taco scout,” Javier Cabral posted on Instagram about the upcoming series:

For all of you who have been following along my taco carnage in Mexico over the last year, this is why: I am extremely excited to announce that I am an Associate Producer and taco scout for “Las Crónicas Del Taco,” the first ever @netflix Original documentary series focused entirely on tacos and the hardworking taqueros who make it. It is finally premiering this Friday and it would mean a lot if you all can watch the hell out of it, give it a thumbs up, tell your friends and family about it, and post on social media to flex our taco power. I recommend watching it as is in español with subtitles so you can perfect your taco-ordering Spanish! #tacosforpablo

So, so far we know it’s all about tacos, the people who make them and um, is entirely in Spanish.

Of course, you can watch it as-is and turn on those subtitles, which don’t forget, you can totally change the colors of.


Gather your taco loving friends and check out this new series.

Although you probably won’t understand a word that is said (unless you speak Spanish) check out the trailer below.

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