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You Can Get Snow Globe Bath Bombs That Will Make The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

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What in the relaxing bath time coziness is this magic?!?

You can get a Bath Bomb that looks like a Snow Globe, and it’s just about the coolest thing ever to exist for bath time!


When I say it looks like a Snow Globe, I mean it actually has the water, glitter, and insides of a Snow Globe.

It’s freaking awesome!!


The Snow Globe part is actually a bouncy ball on a donut-shaped Bath Bomb.

So, when the Bath Bomb fizzes into oblivion, you have a cool bouncy ball Snow Globe to keep.


Drop your bomb in the water and enjoy the joys of bubble bath and a bath bomb in one soaking. 


As for scent, you’re going to love it!! This Bath Bomb will surround you in all the Christmas cozy feels.

It’s a total vibe, and you’re going to love it!

Now, before you say, “It’s too soon for Christmas,” it’s but a few months away. Time to start planning now.


I don’t know how you did it, but I love it. I just love snow globes. Fantastic.

RustedAcreSoapCo Reviews

These Snow Globe Bath Bombs come in your choice of Santa, Reindeer, Snowman, or Abominable Snow Man.

Or, you know, you could get one of each!!


These Snow Globe Bath Bombs run 10 bucks each, and they make crazy fun stocking stuffers!

To get your own Snow Globe Bath Bombs, just hit up the RustedAcreSoapCo shop on Etsy.


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