Walmart Is Selling Minions Cake Bites Made With Two Layers Of Cake And I’m On My Way

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The beloved and animated characters with little to no hair are making their debut with tiny yellow cake bites. 

Courtesy of @candyhunting

That’s right, your favorite yellow minions now represent bite sized cake bites for a smooth and creamy texture and a very sweet taste.  

Courtesy of @theoriginalcakebites

These cake bits should remind you of the silly characters specifically with the colorful yellow frosting on the top and bottom of the flavorful squares.  

Courtesy of @theoriginalcakebites

The new cake bites now come in chocolate and vanilla flavors as they were previously only available in banana.

Courtesy of @theoriginalcakebites

For those of you who choose vanilla over chocolate, you can expect blue vanilla cake, yellow vanilla cake, and vanilla cream sandwiched in between a yellow vanilla coating complete with colorful sprinkles at the top! 

Courtesy of @theoriginalcakebites

For the individuals who prefer chocolate, these cake bites include both blue vanilla and vanilla cake, chocolate cream and a dark chocolate coating with blue and yellow sprinkles at the top. 

Courtesy of @lovemycakebites

The creamy sweet treats are currently available at Walmart for a limited time only, so we wouldn’t blame you if decide to run instead of walk to the nearest Walmart as soon as possible!  

You can also purchase the Minion Cake Bites on Walmart’s Website Here.

Courtesy of @lovemycakebites

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